My name is Lesley Berrington. I am NNEB qualified and the former owner of Stepping Stones Day Care Limited. I opened my first Nursery in 1997 and went on to open 2 more Nurseries and 2 Kids’ Clubs within 4 years.

After attending a course about the Disability Discrimination Act in 2004 I began searching for story books, featuring disability, to use in my Nurseries. It was very difficult to find any and the ones that I did find used the story to explain the disability. This is not what I wanted in my books. I wanted the child with a disability to be part of the story to introduce the disability to other children, but not to draw attention to it. I created ‘Hattie and friends’ to meet the growing demand for inclusive resources.

‘Hattie and friends’ inclusive stories and resources are now used in hundreds of EYFS settings around the UK.

I always love to hear feedback about my stories so please let me know what you think.